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SGG selecteaza consultant international individual


LOAN NO. RO 4676

For the selection of an International Consultant to provide

"Consulting services for strengthening the coordination of the public policy and of the formulation capacities of the General Secretariat of the Government and ministries"

This request for CVs follows the General Procurement Notice for this project that appeared in United Nations Development Business No. 574 of January 16, 2002.
The Government of Romania has received a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) to support the institutional building process of the private and public sector (PPIBL) in the general reform process of Romania.
Part of the proceeds of the PPIBL Loan will be allocated to finance consulting services for strengthening the public policy formulation and coordination arrangements and practices, including the capacities of the General Secretariat of the Government and ministries to carry out their respective roles in those processes.

An international consultant is required by the General Secretariat of the Romanian Government for the sustaining of the progress already achieved in the establishing new institutional arrangements and procedures governing policy management, which includes policy formulation and coordination of its implementation, as well as to monitor and evaluate how well those processes are functioning.
The overall objective of this assistance is to further improve the institutional arrangements and procedures and strengthen the capacities at both the Center of the Government (CoG-General Secretariat of Government, Public Policy Unit (PPU), Chancellery of the Prime Minister) and line ministries, to effectively employ those procedures, to develop and coordinate the implementation of policies and the laws required, to codify and underpin the implementation of those policies.

To achieve the objectives of the assignment, the Consultant should carry out the following activities:

(i) Identifying a core set of monitoring indicators on policy formulation and coordination practices;
(ii) Drafting new procedures for policy making
(iii) Strengthen the capacities at the center of Government (General Secretariat of the Government - Public Policy Unit, Chancellery of the Prime Minister), to ensure that the policy coordination and formulation process works as effectively as possible;
The Consultant will execute his task in a period of seven months his input being of 100 working days out of which 75 working days will be in the field work (8-10 visits).

The Consultant should meet the following qualifications requirements:
• demonstrate expertise in making significant reforms in administrative procedures, preferably in relation to the management of public policy making and ideally experience in similar assignments at international/national level.
• have the capacity to guide and facilitate the efforts of the staff and of the political decision makers in their experience for implementing the policy formulation and coordination of the reforms undertaken by the Government through its policies.
• excellent communication skills in English.

For CVs evaluation the following criteria and scores shall be used:

• Demonstrated general experience (references with previous projects they were involved in, main tasks assigned, description of the deliverables, publications-paper’s title, number of pages, reviews) – 40 points;
• Specific extensive experience in the field of the assignment (reforms in administrative procedures, public policy management projects, experience in implementing the policy formulation and coordination of the reforms undertaken by the Government through its policies). – 60 points.

The Consultant will be selected using SIC method (Selection of Individual Consultant) as in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines - Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, January 1997, revised September 1997 and January 1999. Following the evaluation of the CVs, the Consultant selected will receive a Letter of Invitation together with the Terms of Reference based on which he/she will submit the Financial Proposal and be invited for negotiations of the contract.
The CVs must be sent to the Project Management Unit, Ministry of Public Finance, in attention to Mrs. Nicoleta Bala at the address below by March 28, 2005 – 12:00 hour, local time.
CVs received by e-mail address are accepted.

Ministry of Public Finance
PIBL, Project Management Unit
Attn. Mrs. Nicoleta Bâlă
17, Apolodor Street, 4th floor, room 405
Sector 5, Bucharest
Tel: 004021 336 85 33; 004021 336 85 42
Fax: 004021 312 42 84

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